Local Presence, Regional Scale

IRL has the capacity to deliver on large scale, nationwide projects from urban settings to the remotest areas, with coverage up to 90% of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar’s population. We have had the ability to recruit, train and manage a workforce of up to 100 researchers at one time, delivering on the scope and scale that you need.

Flexible Thinking, Customized Approaches

Our knowledge and experience in different researches methodologies allow us adjust and customize the study to whatever size and scale, employing out of the box approaches to bring out rich insights, with a large network of consultants to supplement any gaps in requirements.

Global Standard Quality and Professionalism

Regardless of scale we make it a priority, IRL commits to providing you the research service with the highest quality standards, in line with ESOMAR and WIN Gallup practices

An Indochina Point of View

We apply our 22 years of learnings in the Indochina market, tapping into the experience of both local and expatriate staff to bring you insights and knowledge that truly reflect Indochina consumers, ultimately driving decision and growth for our clients.

Digital data acquisition:

Half of our survey is tablet assisted to ensure the best quality in data acquisition, allowing better control, speed and accuracy of our researches. The chances of human errors are greatly reduced as it is easier to place logic checks and routing, hence, limited missing information leading to better internal consistency of data.