Our Social Contribution: HotSpot Surveys by Indochina Research Vietnam

What are HotSpot Surveys?

What’s going on in the mind of Vietnamese people? Is there such a thing as a collective consciousness or is there ample disagreement on current social matters? So as to contribute with our expertise, the team at Indochina Research Vietnam has launched a periodic survey called “HotSpot,” in order to answer these and other questions. These surveys help us gauge Vietnamese public opinion on a variety of social and commercial issues to contribute with insightful data to current and “Hot” topics.

The HotSpots project is designed to identify (verb: tospot) emerging trends and behaviors in order to identify key insights which have business, policy, and social implications. Through these polls, we gather opinions from a representative sample of people based on demographic quotas including age, income level, and gender.

We are able to inquire on any topic ranging from people’s social concerns to what they buy, to how they live their life – indeed, we can ask just about anything. We then analyse the answers to spot significant trends in opinion by cities and main demographic segments. 

Behind the name “HotSpots” 

We have identified key location types (let’s call them “spots”) characterized by a constant flow of people (read “hot” is “busy”). Although we have the capability to run surveys in every province in Vietnam, the HotSpot Surveys focus on Vietnam’s two biggest economic hubs, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 

How do HotSpot Surveys Work? 

The key HotSpots locations are chosen for their socio-demographic diversity. Quotas are set to be representative of the population. Each city has HotSpots in their respective famous walking streets, prominent office buildings, and popular shopping malls. In these HotSpots, we interview people using tablet-assisted questionnaires and then gather this data to draw insights that would help companies make decisions or to simply provide insight into ongoing conversations to share on social media.

What insight have HotSpot Surveys contributed to so far?

Recently, we questioned the vietnamese population about current topics, such as fake news, social concerns, and bank usage. We also focused on urban life, transportation, and air pollution. Click here to read some of our previous reports. 

A few notable findings from this year’s HotSpot Surveys include:

  • An overwhelming 90% of respondents in both cities are concerned with air quality
  • Hanoians are twice as likely as Saigonese to use public transportation (58% vs. 31%)
  • On average 3 out of 10 respondents disagree with the government’s proposed motorbike ban. More than half of Saigon’s population disagrees with the ban (53%). 

What next? 

We hope these on-going polling opportunities are as exciting to you as they are to us! The team at Indochina Research Vietnam is constantly arguing (we mean, debating) about what the next survey should be about; what we want to know and contribute to the public debate. How about you? What would you want to know about Vietnamese public opinion? Feel free to let us know so we can eventually add some of your ‘Hot’ topics in the next survey!

Subscription Packages Now Available

One of the newest features of the HotSpot Survey is a Subscription Package for companies to conduct targeted market research inquiries. This means you can buy 3 questions or more in our representative monthly questionnaires to keep track of information relevant to you! 

Benefits include: 

  • Customized Research – You may keep the same question(s) each month or change them as needed
  • Ultra-Fast Data -Results are delivered within 7 business days directly to your inbox.
  • High Return on Investment – Select a package according to your needs: Monthly or continuously. Pay only for the data you need
  • Contribution to Society – Your subscription helps us contribute to increasing the availability of high quality public insight about Vietnamese society.  

If your organization is interested in subscribing to upcoming HotSpot surveys, click here for a detailed product description and subscription packages or contact Ms. Nguyen at nguyen@indochinaresearch.com.  

Please contact us with any ideas for research projects you are considering in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam at:

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