Proprietary Studies

Media Index reports : Available for Cambodia and Laos

Media index provides in-depth quantitative insight on behavior and media usage across representative sample of the population.

In Cambodia’s the media index includes the voice of 2,000 respondents nationwide providing incidence and insight on the usage, behavior and attitudes toward key media channels (Tv, Print, Internet, Outdoor). Running since 2008, the Media Index provides unparalleled trend information and coverage as it digs deep inside both urban and rural media habits to generate unique insights.

The 10th edition of the Media index report will be available from April 2017 with fieldwork carried out in January and February 2017. Click here to read the project information sheet.

The 1st Lao Media index was released in 2015 presenting all media consumption and Lifestyle information among 1,200 respondents. The 2nd Lao edition will be released in Q4 2017. Click here to get more information on the project findings and information sheet.

Laos retail audit report

In 2016, we conducted a retail census of more than 23,000 shops in the 4 main cities to offer a detailed data on the retail environment in urban Laos.

The 2016 Laos Retail audit report is now available and can be ordered by contacting us:

Event Evaluation

Do you wonder if your event or activation activities are impactful? Our event evaluation service is a quick and effective way to measure the performance of the event and to profile the participants for your event promotion and independent evaluation.
Method : Pre and post event evaluation providing both event participant profile and satisfaction level across pre-determined KPI.

WIN/GIA “End of the Year”

The End of the Year survey is an annual project, running jointly in 60-70 countries under the patronage of the WIN/Gallup International Association. It aims at exploring the outlook, expectations, views and beliefs of people globally on various social, political and economic matters. Specific questions can be added to the questionnaire as Omnibus service for each country of globally.
Method: Quantitative survey with representative random sample of n=700 equally split between Hanoi and HCM cities.

Hotspot Survey

The Hotspot survey provides instant data about topics of your choices to give you timely insights to make decision quickly.
Method: Bi-Monthly short quantitative tablet assisted interview in the most populated spots of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Hotspot survey about foreign tourists in Ho Chi Minh City