Public Transportation in Vietnam

Buses, subways, trams are all public transport that are already popular in many countries around the world. 
Although Vietnam currently has only buses in operation, urban railways in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are being rushed to be ready to serve the population.

While waiting for the railway to be put into use, let’s learn about the habits of Vietnamese and their use of already available public transportation through our recent Hot Spots results.

26% in Hanoi and 13% in Ho Chi Minh City used public transportation in the past 3 months. 
How satisfied are you with the experience ? 
58% satisfied ; 37% Neutral ; 5% dissatisfied

Among our respondents, 20% told us they used public transportation in the past 3 months.

The population in Hanoi is more likely to use it twice as much compared to their HCM’s counterpart. 

From these 20% of public transport users, 58% are satisfied with their experience, 37% stand neutral and only 5% is dissatisfied. 

5 reasons making people not use public transportation
51% lack of familiarity with public transportation
35% not enough bus stops where people live
25% poor conditions of vehicles
15% unsafely
13% careless driving

We then took a look at the reasons that could restrain them from using public transportation and the most common answer is their lack of familiarity with them, most likely due to their traditional preference of privileging personal modes of transportation such as their motorbikes or cars (51%). 

35% of them consider there is also a lack of bus stops which are not covering the areas where most of the people live. Moreover, the poor conditions of the vehicle (considered too old and uncomfortable) and the careless driving make up 38% of the answers. Finally, 15% of the respondents said the dangerous encounters and the unsafety (kidnapping, pickpocketing) is also a big issue, restraining them from using public transportation. 

What needs to be improved ? 
42% Drivers should drive more carefully 
40% vehicles should be cleaner
39% more suitable travel routes & bus stops should be created
20% equipment should be reviewed

Our last part about the recommendations, both users and non-users have, is most likely answering to our previous part, although we noticed that the irresponsible driving of bus drivers is a huge problem in Ho Chi Minh City, with almost half of its population asking for improvements in this area. In Hanoi, respondents are asking for more seats as well as a modernisation of the equipment inside the bus. 

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