Our booklet list for a global Indochina understanding

A useful booklet for a better understanding of Vietnam social security benefits
10 Aug 10:17 am

In 2019, ILO in Vietnam partnered up with Indochina Research Vietnam to conduct a research to explore…

Monitoring the Impact of Covid 19 in Cambodia – Wave 2 (July 2020)
10 Aug 09:52 am

This report looks into the changes in the consumption and social behavior of Phnom Penh residents from…

Impact of Covid-19 in Cambodia – Wave 1 (April 2020)
10 Aug 09:44 am

This report delves into  4 key topics to shed light on the lifestyle of Phnom Penh residents…

Data Privacy – Are we too confident or too reckless?
24 Jul 11:17 am

Data privacy is among the main concerns of the global “netizen” (citizen going to the Internet) in…

Population maps of Vietnam
29 Jun 05:32 pm

#1 map – Population density by region Please contact us with any ideas for research projects you…

Happy Vietnamese people!
19 May 06:16 pm

Revealed from research done by WIN International in 40 countries, Vietnam is among the top countries where…

Vietnam Health Index 2019
28 Apr 04:05 pm

It is beyond the joy that thanks to the perspicacious directives of the Government, and the unanimity…

The impact of COVID-19 on companies in Vietnam
10 Apr 09:36 am

To understand the impact of the COVID-19 on companies in Vietnam and prioritise the measures needed to…

A global poll on Coronavirus
30 Mar 03:13 pm

In March 2020, Gallup International Association has conducted a snap poll about the world perception of the…

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