Quality Control
A Gold Statement for Indochina Research

Quality is the gold standard for Indochina Research across our 4 countries of operation.

  • Small teams: Each supervisor manages a team of 6-8 interviewers only.
  • 100% of interviews are checked for consistency, inconsistencies result in systematic additional back-checks.
  • Our minimum standard is 30% back checks, including observation, re-visits and call-backs. We can adapt our QC plans according to your needs up to 100%.
  • Fully scripted logic checks and automated computations in tablet survey to reduce human errors.
  • GPS allows us to confirm the location of the interview in conformity with the sampling plan.
  • Unobtrusive interview recording is made to enhance the quality of interviews and coding.
  • Interviews are flagged for duration or inconsistent answers resulting in systematic back-checks.
Indochina Research