Our Approach
Our teams help you fine-tune your approach to uncover culturally relevant insights

Regional Scale, Extensive Local Capacities

Indochina Research has the capacity to deliver on large-scale, nationwide projects. From urban settings to remote areas, we cover of up to 95% of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar’s respective populations. We have the ability to recruit, train, and manage a workforce of up to 100 researchers per country at any given time, while ensuring that we collect and deliver results that we can trust.  

Flexible Thinking, Customized Approaches

Our local knowledge and experience in different research methodologies allow us to adjust and customize studies to a variety of sizes and scales, employing standards and out-of-the-box approaches to bring out rich and relevant insights.

Global Standard of Quality and Professionalism

Regardless of scale, we commit to providing you research results with high quality standards, in line with The European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR). That is why we have been commissioned to conduct several global opinion poll studies from reputable organizations, such as the End of the Year survey by the Gallup International Association.

An Indochina Point of View

With over two decades of experience working within the Indochina regional markets, IRL counts on the knowledge of both local and international researchers to decode for you culturally relevant insights that reflect public opinion and consumer trends.

Digital data acquisition

We are convinced that our fully digital data collection and fieldwork management operations brings higher quality to our projects, maximizing integrity and efficacy in data acquisition and allowing for better quality control, speed, and accuracy.

Indochina Research