Metro Projects in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City

After years of announcements, metro projects in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are said to be completed soon…

In our May 2019 Hot Spot Survey, we asked the opinion of the Vietnamese population, on awareness, expectations and intentions to use the new public commuting metro system and results are presented below.


Overall, only 56% are currently aware of the metro project construction, more in Hanoi (60%) than in Ho Chi Minh City, mostly due to higher awareness among females in Hanoi. Generally a greater proportion of male respondents are aware of the projects with 64% against 49% for our female respondents.

How long before they can use it ?

There are various opinion about WHEN the metro will be in operations with a general perception that Hanoian will get to ride before Saigonese with 34% expecting the green cars to be opened in the next 6 months, or before end of 2019 versus only 5% in Ho Chi Minh city. The majority of Saigonese (51%) aware of the project expect they would have to wait at least another 2 years before being able to enjoy the new metro system.

Intention to use

For those who told us they do not intend to use it regularly, they mentioned the following barriers to be considered :

  • The first mentioned barrier is “the distance between their home and the metro station (43%). We can indeed imagine this will be a decisive feature on the use of their own motorbike instead of the subway to avoid traveling by foot in the hot/rainy weather.
  • People also prefer having the freedom to ride their own vehicle (41%)
  • The third main reason is the perceived lack of stations that suit people’s needs mainly between home and work. (36%)

Main expectations

Linked with our study on pollution in Vietnam, citizens expect the subway to consequently be able to reduce smog in the cities due to the containment or decreased use of individual transportation. 

They also hope for a considerable gain of time for long distance traveling across the city.

Finally, our respondents wish to travel safely, in a clean, secured environment for ran affordable price.

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