2nd Edition | Investor Sentiment Survey | Vietnam Stock market – November 2021

Continued confidence in Vietnam stock market performance

The second edition of the survey conducted by Dynam Capital and Indochina Research Vietnam provides interesting updates compared to the first survey in August 2021.

The stock market has lowered its heat but remains a very attractive investment channel for investors with 80% having recorded gains in the past 1 year.

According to survey results, the average portfolio value of 377 respondents is 300 million VND/investor ($USD 13.8K). But more recent F0 investors have a much lower portfolio value, only about half of the F1+ investors. Specifically, F0 invests about 170 million VND ($USD 7.6K) while F1+ have in average more than 450 million VND ($USD 18.9K) invested in their stock portfolio. The survey results also showed that the F1+ investors tend to report higher earnings from their investments than the F0 investors.

In the past year, the stock market has been an extremely attractive investment option for respondents with 8 out 10 (79%) investors claiming recording gains. However, for the last two months – September and October – only 46% reported gains, and 39% reported flat performance. Despite the recent slowdown, investors forecasts about stock market growth are quite positive with more than 50% of investors believing that the market will continue to go up at least 10% before the end of 2021.

Among other investment options for stock investors, bank deposits and real estate investments are the two most popular channels. More than half of investors (53%) have savings account and one third (32%) invest in real estate.

The sectors with the best growth forecast include Banking, Real Estate, Manufacturing and Technology. Among most recommended stocks to invest in, investor mention HPG, FPT, TCB, VIC, etc..

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