Data Privacy – Are we too confident or too reckless?

Data privacy is among the main concerns of the global “netizen” (citizen going to the Internet) in the digital area. In fact, in a study from WIN and ESOMAR, across the world, the vast majority of the public claims that they have significant concerns around sharing personal data.

Data Privacy - People concerned
End-of-Year Survey – Win International 2019

Despite the global trend,  only 30% of urban Vietnamese feel any concern about sharing their personal information online. Regionally, it is also ‘one of a kind’ as Vietnamese are much less skeptical about sharing their personal information compared to the Asia-Pacific (APAC – 75%) region. 

Urban Vietnamese report not really understanding the usage of their personal data (25%) and 1 out of 3 (34%) even consider that sharing personal information is vital and necessary in the digital world.  

In this context, it is important for companies to self-control the proper usage of personal data to gain a competitive edge for respecting the information received from their clients and users.

And they also think that their personal information is not that necessary to be shared online

Vietnamese also do not assess their personal information are valuable when only one third agree with this statement, which is considerably low compared to global (approximately 68%). Again, only one-third of the population thinks that sharing information is vital and necessary in our digitalised and connected world. Ho Chi Minh City seems to be more into this statement compared to Hanoi (37% vs 27%).

Given perspectives, and that only 41% of Vietnamese claim that they have been a victim of data misuse (spam, phishing, email hacks, leaked personal details or bank account/credit card hacks), compared to the ratio of two thirds in Europe and 80% of North America, it is most likely that Vietnamese people seem to face less trouble with data privacy.

Nevertheless, they are still skeptical when sharing their location, as 70% of them do it just sometimes or even rarely and almost never do that. Again, Hanoians are more cautious than Saigoneers, as more claim that they almost never sharing their locations (15% vs 22%).

What about their trust level towards famous companies regarding data privacy?
Data Privacy - How Vietnamese people assess their trust toward famous companies
How Vietnamese people assess their trust toward famous companies

The study also asked which companies they found trustable among various online platforms. Google (81%) earns the most credibility, followed by Youtube (76%) and Facebook (72%). Meanwhile, the least trusted is Whatsapp (18%), and then Twitter (29%). However, the reason for Whatsapp and Twitter for standing at the bottom of the list might come from the fact that they are among the least used apps in Vietnam, indicated by Statista (2020).

Data privacy - Leading social media platforms in Vietnam in 2019 - Statista (2020)
Leading social media platforms in Vietnam in 2019 – Statista (2020)

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