Maps of Vietnam | Urban vs Rural population

#2 map – Population by Urban and Rural areas

Vietnam’s population remains in majority (66%) in rural areas across the country 330 212 km².

The region with the highest urban (61%) population is the Southeast – where 17,8 million (18.5%) people live – hosting the most populated urban center in Ho Chi Minh City.

Source GS0 Census 2019

Hanoi’s population

The Province of Hanoi is spread across 3,357 Km² for its 8 million people.

Despite being home of the polical capital, Hanoi population remains mostly rural (4,1 million ; 51%) while the urban population (3,9million ; 49%) is 4 million lower than the one in HCM City (7,9million ; 78%).

The below maps present the specificities of the two most populated provinces of Vietnam : Hanoi and HCM City.

Ho Chi Minh’s population

HCM’s population is highly concentrated in urban areas with 78% of its ~9million population or 7,9 million people living in urban areas.

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