Happy Vietnamese people!

Revealed from research done by WIN International in 40 countries, Vietnam is among the top countries where the majority of its people find themselves happy (64%) and are satisfied with the quality of life. Indeed, Vietnam stands second regarding the satisfaction towards life quality rate at 95%, only goes behind Ecuador and Nigeria at 96%.

Happy - Mood Index - Vietnam stands 2nd regarding life quality
Vietnam stands 2nd regarding life quality
Happy Vietnamese - Vietnam earns a score of 24.01 pts regarding mood index, ranked 11th among 40 surveyed countries
Vietnam is ranked 11th with a score of 24.01pts among 40 surveyed countries

Vietnam also scores high regarding mood index at 24.01 pts and ranked 11th among 40 countries. The majority of the Vietnamese people agree that they have been feeling

  • Optimistic about the future – 60%
  • Useful – 61%
  • Relaxed – 68%
  • Dealing well with problems – 60%
  • Thinking clearly – 66%
  • Close to other people – 68%
  • Able to make up their own mind – 65%   
How the mood of Vietnamese people is assessed based on 7 statements

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