Health trend: Vietnamese people feel more healthy, less stressed than most countries

Health trend: Vietnamese people feel more healthy, less stressed than most countries

93% of urban Vietnamese people consider themselves healthy, the highest rate among 39 countries surveyed in the 2021 Annual WIN World Survey from WIN International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling. Vietnam also holds the highest percentages of people who eat healthy, sleep well and rarely feel stressed.

On occasion of World Heald Day, WIN releases the latest results of the survey, to understand health self-perception and related habits.

Vietnamese people have become increasingly interested in health and healthy lifestyle. When asked how they consider their overall health in general, 93% of Vietnamese people from 4 biggest cities (HCMC, Hanoi, Danang, Cantho) said that they feel healthy or very healthy, the highest percentages among 39 countries across the globe, compared to for example South Korea (89%), the US (75%) or Japan (70%).

Vietnam also have the highest rate of people who often eat healthy (97%) and sleep well (91%). On the global scale, about 65% people say that they often eat healthy and 61% sleep well.

When if comes to stress, Vietnam has the lowest score with only 5% people say they suffer from stress. Japanese people are the most stressed with 49% say they often feel stressed. The average worldwide rate is 33%.

On other health related topics, 47% Vietnamese people say they exercise often, 12% say they smoke often and 8% drink often.

 About the survey:

A total of 33,326 people were interviewed from 39 countries were interviewed. In Vietnam, the survey is conducted by Indochina Research, among 601 respondents, in 4 cities, Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho.

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