Vietnam Corruption Barometer Report (VCB 2019)

The newest edition of the Vietnam Corruption Barometer report (VCB 2019) by our partner Towards Transparency.


Vietnam Corruption Barometer Report (VCB 2019)


Vietnamese people believe that corruption is declining and that the Government’s anti-corruption efforts are increasingly effective, according to the Vietnam Corruption Barometer 2019 (VCB- 2019).

Notably, this report marks for the first time since 2011 a decrease in bribery in public services. These are signals of a positive change in the fight against corruption in Vietnam. Nevertheless, citizens still believe that corruption is a serious problem in Vietnam, requiring further efforts of stakeholders to reduce corruption and ensure sustainable development.

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Vietnam Corruption Barometer Report (VCB 2019)



Vietnam Corruption Barometer 2019 collects data on citizens’ perceptions and experiences of corruption, their views on the government’s anti-corruption efforts and the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures.
 This survey is based on the Global Corruption Barometer’s methodology of Transparency International (TI), which was conducted in Vietnam in 2011, 2013, and 2016. Interviews were conducted by Indochina Research Vietnam in July and August 2019 through direct interviews with 1,085 people in 19 representative provinces and cities across the country. Qualitative interviews were also conducted in November 2019 to better understand people’s views and experiences.

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