Perception of Vietnamese on Gender Equality, Violence and Sexual Harassment

Results based on the WORLD WIN SURVEY in 39 countries
Hanoi and HCM city, n = 501 weighted to urban population of N=6,687,000, Fieldwork November 2019



Indochina Research Vietnam, as a member of WIN International – the world’s leading association of independent agencies in market research and polling, is pleased to share the results of the 2019 End of Year survey on Gender Equality, Violence and Sexual Harassment in Vietnam.

Gender Equality
Generally speaking, Gender Equality is improving in every life context evaluated, which means that the perception of the role of women in Vietnamese society is improving.
At home and at work respectively are the 2 social contexts where people perceive Gender Equality to be at the highest. In fact, Vietnam, together with Philippines shares, the highest index of gender equality in these 2 environments compared to other 39 countries participating in the survey, including such democratic nations as the USA, UK, Canada, France, South Korea, etc.
On the contrary, Politics is still the environment where people see the lowest reach of Gender Equality in Vietnam.

Violence and Sexual Harassment
In comparison to other participating countries, Vietnam provides a safer environment for women, especially compared to Latin American countries where reported the highest percentages of women suffering from violence, with Chile on top (44%), followed by Argentina (43%) and Peru (40%). In fact, Vietnam is among the countries where both violence and sexual harassment are declared to be low.

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